The Ultimate Last-mile Defence Against Web-scraping

Prevent theft and abuse of your valuable web content and protect your revenues. The SecureFonts technology is offered as a simple REST API call on the server side and can be quickly integrated with the web content.

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Bots are responsible for more than a third of all web traffic
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More than one-tenth of the expenditure on website marketing is wasted
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Average online revenue lost as a result of web scraping

Don't lose revenues to web-scraping

Scraping the content in website leads to your loss and your competition’s gain!

Price comparisons, contacts, research content, product mix, are some of valuable data being scraped by bots and humans alike.

Web scraping is considered to be a legal grey area, however it has a far-reaching economic impact on different industries. Victim companies incur revenue losses due to

SecurelyShare SecureFonts

SecurelyShare SecureFonts is designed to provide last mile security at the content level. After the Bot manager provides the first level of defence against the bots intending to scrape the information, SecureFonts technology acts as the last defence to protect the content. If the bots still manage to slip through and manage to scrape the content, all they get is garbled content from the website.

Key Features

Protection from Human-mimicking Bots

Prevent misuse of the scraped data not just from bots, but also from humans

Addresses Practical Business Problems

Research data, contacts, price information, financial data can be protected from day to day scraping attacks on your HTML content

Protect Revenues

Prevent target customers from switching over because of business intelligence gathered by web scraping

Protect Your Stakeholder Interest

Protect your brand identity and economic interest of your partners, vendors, shareholders by protecting your business from unethical competitive gains

Easy Deployment

The solution works by integrating with any HTML page with simple API calls to protect the sensitive content

Zero Latency

The process of data encoding makes the solution easily scalable without any latency


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The SecureFonts technology for anti-scraping supports all HTML based web and mobile applications.

The SecureFonts technology protects theft of any HTML content carried out by bots or by humans.

Integration is using simple REST API call on the server side and can be quickly integrated with the web content.

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