SecurelyShare Data Vault add-on
for Google Workspace

SecurelyShare Data Vault add-on for Google Workspace

SecurelyShare Data Vault add-on for Google Workspace allows the user to transfer sensitive files/ documents from Google Workspace applications like Google Docs™, Google Sheets™, Google Slides™ into the Data Vault application.

SecurelyShare Data Vault add-on for Google Workspace

Data Vault + Google Drive™

Data Vault + Gmail™

Data Vault for Gmail

Key Features

Strong Encryption

Sensitive data from G Drive stored in SecurelyShare Data Vault, will be encrypted with AES 256 standard dynamic encryption using our patented technology.

Custom File-level Controls

File permission and file availability controls can be enforced, to limit the capability to only view for only a specified period of time without the ability to download, print, forward or modify the content. You can also control the files with features like access revoke, dynamic policy changes, etc., even after the files are accessed.

Additional Controls

Watermarking, IP whitelisting/ blacklisting can be added to the files and documents to minimize the risk of data breaches.

PII Redaction

Data Redaction functionality allows scanning, discovery and redaction of PII data on-the-fly while the document is in transit.

Flexible Authentication

Multi-factor authentication enables you to ensure only rightful recipients of the file can access the file. So, even if the file reaches unauthorized users, they would not be able to access the files. Authentications supported: Email/ SMS OTP, AD/ LDAP, SAML 2.0, Google Single Sign-on.

Visibility and Governance

Detailed audit trails will provide the much-needed visibility of activity logs of the files shared and accessed, along with custom alerts and notifications in case of unauthorized attempts to access the files.

A smarter way to work

Apply stronger security, granular access controls and detailed audit trails to your Google documents.