Data Vault

Easy and Secure File Sharing with Automated Privacy Control

A dedicated application to manage your sensitive data. Bring all your confidential data in to the Data Vault and apply persistent access control policies wherever the data travels, with the ability to revoke access on-demand and receive complete audit trails for better visibility.

Challenges with sensitive data sharing

Businesses store data in different data sources like endpoints, repositories, applications which have to be shared with internal or external third-parties.


However, some of the many vulnerable gaps in present communication modes can cause massive data breaches accidentally or maliciously.

Key Features

Easy to use Web Console​

No need of installing any software or application either by sender or recipient. Exchange files with internal or external parties via our secure web application.

Large Files Upload

Move away from traditional and cumbersome FTP or thumb drives and seamlessly share large files with far better controls and audit trails

Auto Privacy Enablement

Get the power of PII data privacy. Scan, discover and redact any PII data automatically while the file is in transit.

Bulk Upload

We supports bulk file upload and download. You can upload/download files in any format, such as PDF, excel, docs, jpegs, and many more.

On-the-fly Watermarking

Effortlessly prevent unauthorized circulation of confidential data and preserve data integrity with custom watermarking. Deter users from unauthorized screenshots/ snapshots of documents, since our watermarking is embedded within the file, it cannot be taken out from the document.

Advanced Analytics

Track file sharing and file access with real-time alerts and notifications of any unauthorized activity. Get user statistics like most active users, most common types of files shared, etc. on the dashboard. Also, custom reports can be generated on a periodic basis for management discussions.

View-only Access policy

Take control of your data by granting view-only access to right people only for a specified period of time. Restrict printing and forwarding rights to prevent any unauthorized file footprints. Additionally, provide unlimited view-only access to any number of recipients.


Our APIs can be integrated with different data store applications like file repositories, SaaS applications for automated transfer of sensitive files to downstream applications or users

Structured & Unstructured Data

SecurelyShare technology is flexibly designed to address data security use cases for both structured and unstructured data sets.

Centralized Control

Give power to the administrators to enforce org wide controls on the file policies with which the senders can send out files and documents


Custom Branding allows you to replace the SecurelyShare logo with your own organization.

Flexible Authentication

Let only authorized users access files by enabling authentication mechanisms like OTP/ SSO/ AD/ LDAP


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No, neither the sender nor the recipient requires any kind of software to be installed on the endpoints. Data Vault is a web client

Each file size limit is up to 2 GB.
Data vault works on all the standard operating systems that include Windows, iOS, Ubuntu and Linux

Data Vault is file format agnostic. It supports all the file types for file transfers.

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