Get the power of simplified flexibility to share files with your recipients on your file server with an ability to get the Audit Trail at a granular level.

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Retain ownership & control of your files at all times, even when the files are shared across networks

Files and documents, once provided access to or shared with the recipient are usually considered gone and out of control. Not anymore. At SecurelyShare the primary focus is all about keeping the file control with the file owner at all times.

Safeguard Data Everywhere

A perfect solution meant for the remote work force with the ability to create, share and access files of all types and sizes in a secured and controlled manner.

A Zero-trust Security Model

The solution adopts a zero-trust policy and treats every user with a policy driven approach at all times, thereby eliminating data loss possibilities to large extent.

View granular audit trail details at both file level and user level

Apply and manage file level and user level policies at your convenience

File access made easy and secured at the same time.


Policy Management

Manage content policies at various levels ranging from Read-only to Full Access.


Consent Layer

Enable exclusive consent layer to govern access control rights every time a content is getting accessed.



Enable watermark on all documents that get downloaded or printed from the file server.


Audit Trail

Get audit trail like never before. Know demographic details of the machine from where the emails are getting accessed.


Authentication Modes

Supports AD / LDAP, SAML, OAUTH and OTP for user authentication.

Real-time Alerts

and Notifications

Get real-time alerts and notifications as and when any predefined incident occurs such as unauthorised access attempts.


SecurelyShare File Access adopts a zero-trust policy and treats every user with a policy driven approach at all times,thereby eliminating data loss possibilities to large extent.

Ensure the files on the server get accessed by the right recipient.

Ensure the files will not get printed or downloaded without permission.

Ability to define a file owner at the file level.

Enable real-time consent management to allow or disallow access to specific files and folders.

Have granular level audit trail on every event on a folder and its content.

Control access level features such as Read-only, Copy, Print and Download capabilities.

Detailed audit and analytics to demonstrate compliance and take action

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  • Document Reports
  • Heatmap Reports
  • Time-based Reports
  • Users Reports
  • Access Reports

  • Authentication Violation Reports
  • Device Reports
  • Forward Reports
  • Consent Reports

Supports all popular web browsers

Integration available with

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