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A one-stop PDF solution for all your password protected PDFs without the need to memorise the password ever again.

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A simple and effective Plugin for Outlook to safeguard your Email privacy


Policy Management

Manage content policies at various levels ranging from Read-only to Full Access.


Consent Layer

Enable exclusive consent layer to govern access control rights every time a content is getting accessed.



Enable watermark on all documents that get downloaded or printed from email attachments.


Audit Trail

Get audit trail like never before. Know demographic details of the machine from where the emails are getting accessed.



Get real-time analytics at an organisational level to impart transparent clarity on the data and content utilisation modes.



Capable of working with almost all of the popular email service providers.

Why Protect Email

We share a lot of confidential content on emails with trust on the recipient and hope the content does not get into wrong hands.

Emails generally get sent over untrusted networks or external networks that are in most cases outside of the organisational security boundary.

Emails are like post cards that can be read, copied, modified and even forwarded to unauthorised recipients at any point along the paths of transit.

What SecurelyShare Outlook Plugin does?

At the data level, SecurelyShare’s innovative technology has removed the tight coupling between identities and keys so enterprises can effectively apply a governance model to their structured or unstructured data sets.

Ensure the email content gets accessed by the right recipient.

Ensure the email content does not get forwarded ahead without permission.

Ability to define document owner every time you share a document via Outlook.

Enable real-time consent management to allow or disallow access to email content.

Have granular level audit trail of every event on an email and its content.

Control access level features such as Read-only, Copy, Print and Download capabilities.

Analytics Help Optimise Your Business

Explore our featured solutions. Increase efficiency. Reduce costs. Fast and Reliable. Better visualisations.

  • Document Reports
  • Heatmap Reports
  • Time-based Reports
  • Users Reports
  • Access Reports

  • Authentication Violation Reports
  • Device Reports
  • Forward Reports
  • Consent Reports

SecurelyShare Outlook plugin works on Windows 10 or later (32 Bit and 64 Bit) and Microsoft Outlook 2010 or later.

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