Our out-of-the-box plugin integrates with MS Outlook for client-initiated security and with Exchange Server to automatically protect all emails, enforce policies, and achieve regulatory compliance.
Easy-to-use intuitive visual interface that integrates with Outlook
Control data with read-only option to email attachments
Set a date in the future to make the data available thereon
Restrict the forwarding of messages
Set expiry dates for email body and file attachments
Change access rights even after
sending the email
Seamless authentication of
recipients based on email address

Benefits of Outlook Plugin
On-demand encryption of internal & external email communication
Customize data-sharing policies before sending it to specific recipients
End-to-end security of emails, only authorized users can access the information.
Comply with new regulations or business changes by revoking access even after email is sent
Entrust the privacy of sensitive and critical data in the hands of the data owner
Complete audit trail brings visibility of unscrupulous data access, providing preventive measures on data breaches
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