PII Vault

Encrypted Storage and Role-based Access to PII Data

Securely collect and store PII data with dynamic encryption and enable authenticated access to only authorized users as per different regulatory guidelines

Data governance, risk and compliance

Currently, organizations store PII like Aadhaar data, PAN, Mobile numbers, Health records, any other PII in the databases and file repositories in plain format, which makes them susceptible to unauthorized access leading to fraud and exploitation.

Aadhaar data can be used for profiling for targeted advertising, fraudulent withdrawals from bank accounts and more. Apart from the possibility of financial frauds, it is also a privacy issue. As a consequence, organizations risk of becoming non-compliant and are liable for hefty penalties.

Security you can rely on

We recognize the importance and sensitivity and such critical PII and hence we have come up with the PII Vault for organizations that collect PII data for various business purposes. PII Vault enables encrypted storage of PII within a secured environment in the organization to reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

Key Features

Rich set of comprehensive benefits and key features

Secure Storage

Store PII data in a separate repository in encrypted form to avoid any unauthorized access.

Auto Privacy Enablement

Reduce PII footprint: Map a reference key with each PII data set and use this reference key across organization’s applications, instead of actual PII data


Integrate using APIs with different applications that collect and store PII data.

Structured & Unstructured Data

Ability to support both structured and unstructured data

Advanced Analytics

Prevent unwarranted disclosures with full audit trails of the data accessed.

Flexible Authentication

Authenticate the user / application in order to access / process the PII data.


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PII Vault supports both structured and unstructured data sets
Our APIs are designed to support any application that can either consume our APIs or has the APIs that can be exposed for the integration.
PII like Aadhaar, PAN, etc. as defined under India’s PDP Bill are supported.

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