A comprehensive differentiated platform: For automating privacy while you secure your data.

Manage your data end-to-end using SecurelyShare’s unique approach.

Data Privacy Automation

Discover, classify and corelate customer’s PII from various structured and unstructured data sources like Google Workspace, Office 365, PostgreSQL, NFS/SMB storages, among others

Privacy Enabled Secure Data Sharing

Take mitigation steps to secure and apply specific policies & access controls and protect the data from any unauthorized usage.

Data Discovery

Personal Data Inventory is required to meet any data compliance and regulatory requirements. In enterprise networks, as the data resides in multiple subsystems/data stores, data discovery helps to create a single view for this inventory.

SecurelyShare platform provides end to end flow for privacy management for data discovery. It can be further subdivided into 3 major segments.

  • Data Discovery
  • Data Classification
  • Data Correlation/Mapping
  • Cloud-Native Architecture

    Cloud-native architecture adapts to many new possibilities offered by the cloud compared to traditional on-premises infrastructure. SecurelyShare platform built on microservices architecture running on industry know orchestration platform. This provides the flexibility of deploying it either on-premise or at any known cloud providers.

    The flexible architecture provides the capability of scaling the system both horizontally as well as vertically. We have built the platform fully clustered and the ability to scale up and down as per the usage.

    AI-Powered Remediation Guidance

    Remediation guidance inference engine with backward chaining can be used for diagnosis of the values, i.e., deriving what happened. This remediation guidance expert system helps the DPO to determine various possible sub-goals (solutions) to fix the vulnerabilities.

    In our platform, the privacy/security remediation guidance is supported with an automated system. Let’s try to understand that with a use case. An enterprise defines mobile number as sensitive data and the discovery engine discovered multiple mobile numbers at the different data source. Few of the data source such Core-Banking system or alert & notification system requires mobile number is plain format due to the nature of the business process, while other systems such as CRM systems may not be required.

    The remediation of such data can be handled in multiple ways supported on our platform such as Encryption, Redaction, Tokenization, Masking, Anonymization

    Mitigation Management

    Once a risk is identified either using an automated discovery process or by another manual/business process, we provide full services around mitigations of the identified risks. One of them is the Consent Management System which provides an end to end flow for capturing the consent/request of the Data principal around his/her data.

    One of the data privacy laws (PDP Bill, GDPR, CCPA, etc.) is to provide tools/applications to the end-user (Data Principal) so that they can exercise rights on the status of their personal data e.g Right to confirmation and access, Right to correction, Right to Data Portability, Right to Be Forgotten etc.

    The mitigation Management program is designed to assist in mitigation requirements and mandates from regulatory agencies. For instance, Aadhaar data should be stored in a separate vault with security and access controls.

    Policies and Reporting

    As an enterprises’ business grows, so does the quantum of data, the number of users and third-party partners. Designed for scale, SecurelyShare platform offers a data governance environment for both structured and unstructured data with a vast array of APIs. Our patented technology makes it a highly unique solution, where admin teams can set, control and review policies for data sharing between applications in order to govern and monitor critical data sets.

    Data Governance frameworks can affect or limit the implementation and performance of business processes. This results in the problematic choices of business utility versus appropriate governance. Our architecture is constructed to manage such choices across different datasets. The flow applied to each dataset will create different policy decisions that are supported by SecurelyShare platform. These policy types can include privacy, confidentiality, integrity, availability, ethics, data lifetime etc.


    Data analytics in privacy’s threat model is one where the person analyzing or querying the data is the threat. This data is provided for analytics without compromising security. Our platform provides a detailed analysis in and around any data element/attribute with increasing the attack/risk surface of the element.

    Let us try to see it in a use case, An organisation keeps its customer records in Google Drive which is a risk anyways now if privacy/security solutions create another copy of the same data during discovery and classification of the data, it is indirectly increasing the surface of risk. Our platform provides detailed analytics.

    SecurelyShare Platform provides an ability to monitor and mitigate the security and privacy risks in a compliant manner. It also provides the ability to quickly generate/retrieve compliance reports for audit requirements.

    Seamless Integrations with Enterprise Products

    Integration helps to boost productivity by incorporating your application with our workflows, without interrupting your current process workflow and helps in getting more done from a single place.

    Custom Process Flow

    In our unified platform, we have the ability to access and mitigate risks on different data source along with tailored processes for discovering and mitigation. The elastic and pluggable interface allows the developer in enterprises to use the platform for other operations along with privacy and security.


    SecurelyShare platform comes with REST APIs for all the operations/activities supported on the system, which helps the business process/system to easily integrate.

    Authentication & Authorization

    SecurelyShare platform comes with out-of-the-box options to integrate with well-known authentication and authorisation systems such as;

  • OTP
  • Active Directory & LDAP
  • OAuth
  • SAML
    • These systems allow enterprises to have seamless authentication without password fatigue and quicker rollout.

    SecurelyShare is backed by 7+ USPTO Patents

    Our patented technology makes SecurelyShare a unique solution that combines attribute-level security with consent-based communication

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