Screen and Document Watermarking

Deter Users from Misuse of Your Intellectual Property and Increase Accountability

Protect your data by applying static and dynamic embedded watermarking to your computer screens and documents 

Data Integrity is a Growing Problem for Data Owners Across Industries

Given the ease with which data is unauthorized accessed and illicitly distributed. Sensitive data in the form IP, PII data is being shared internally and externally on a day-to-day basis, leading to data breach incidents resulting in tangible and intangible business impact. Hence, it is important to be able to determine the source of a data leak quickly and efficiently, so that appropriate action can be taken.

A digital watermark may act as a stamp, to indicate the status of a document. This ensures that important documents are never mishandled, helping keep documents secure, as the document exchanges multiple hands.

Screen and Document Watermarking

  • Apply secure non-removable static/ dynamic watermarks that identifies users and source of the documents.
  • Protect content and claim ownership of digital assets, without which valuable data can be susceptible to content theft or unauthorized use.
  • Static Watermarking

  • Document-specific watermark, customized by the data owner/ sender.

  • Watermark does not change regardless of the authorized recipient of the document.

  • Document owner can customize the watermark design (message, font, color, size) to suit the requirement.
  • Dynamic Watermarking

  • User-specific watermark, used to identify the user/recipient.

  • Watermark changes according to who uses the document on which machine.

  • One document can be distributed to all users, instead of customizing the watermark to each user.

  • Screen Watermarking

    Across-the-computer-screen watermark will deter users to take any snaps /screenshots for any unauthorized distribution of content and hence protect you from data piracy

    Document Watermarking

    Automate the process of embedding dynamic or static watermarks on the documents shared via different communication modes like email/ FTP/ File Servers


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    By default, the technology supports static watermarking. However, dynamic watermarking is a customizable option.
    Presently, Windows desktops, laptops, tablets are covered under screen watermarking. The availability of screen watermarking on other operating systems is in the roadmap.

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