Protection to Data at the FONT Level

Seamless. Simple. Secure.

We deliver the ultimate last-mile protection to your valuable content by applying security at the minutest level possible – Fonts

Last-Mile Security Delivered Using FONTS

End-point and file level security have been there for years, however once the data is accessed the entire content is visible. Your valuable data is everywhere, with either limited or no security, like files and documents, web apps, mobile apps, intranet sites. Imagine you want to allow access to data but restrict what content is visible to the user.

Introducing SecureFonts

A path-breaking technology from SecurelyShare that allows you to select what is ultra-sensitive to your business and protect that content with encoded fonts in such a way that the data is securely visible only and only to the authorized users or applications.


Save Revenues

Secure your data from theft and maintain and increase your customer base

Save Time

Achieve higher business efficiency by automating the data security processes


Be compliant with your industry regulations and gain stakeholder trust


API Based Integration

Flexible and lightweight approach of integrating our REST APIs at the server level

SDK Based Integration

Allows you to seamlessly integrate the SDK in your native apps for both Android and iOS apps.

Platform Integrations

Extensions for platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce among others, as well as integrations with Bot managers

Awards and Recognitions

We have earned many industry awards, which exemplify our commitment to excellence!

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