SecurelyShare PDF Wallet

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PDF Wallet?

PDF wallet is one place where you can safely secure all your PDF documents at the comfort of your android/ios mobile phone.

SecureyShare PDF Wallet, a ‘Made In India’ product built on an award-winning technology platform with 7 US granted patents to support it. Secured by encryption that has multiple layers of protection, your PDF documents is yours only to view.

SecurelyShare PDF Wallet is used to open your password-protected PDF documents once and you will never need to remember the password again. The wallet is smart, it will remember your password on your device, store it in an encrypted format and use it every time you need to access the document without the need to renter the password ever again. It is designed to save, store and manage PDF documents from any source and of any size, SecurelyShare PDF Wallet is the NextGen solution built for the complexities of the digital world.

Why should I use PDF Wallet?

We have created the PDF Wallet, to solve a specific requirement of everyone's day to day life. We all receive multiple secured PDFs throughout the day which are secured with a static password. To remember these and then punch in every time we have to open the file is a hurdle.

We created this solution that protects all the password on your device and then allows you to use them smartly on the specific PDF file. There are additional features in and around a PDF file that are also created to present a unified product.

I have a password protected PDF, I want to send to someone without the password. How should I do it?

SecurelyShare PDF Wallet provides two way to share the document with some without a compromise on security/convenience.

It provides a capability to remove/add password on a PDF file to ease the sharing process and ensuring the security of the content as well, as per your requirement. It also provides a capability to share only the link of the file to the recipient through our Patented SecuelyShare Platform. Please click here to know more.

Can I print the file using PDF Wallet?

Yes PDF Wallet provides a capability to allow you to print the PDF files on the printers reachable through your device/phone.