SecurelyShare Platform

A patented Data-Security-Governance platform that enables enterprises to have control on how one can access their sensitive business data whilst being compliant with most of the government regulatory needs.

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Key Features

SecurelyShare’s patented system encompasses the following services.

Governance Model At The Data Level

Enforce access policies at the attribute level

Separates Critical Data From Transactional Data

Separate critical data from transactional data so that each can be treated as per the compliance requirements.

Automated Key Management

Our patented technology removes tight coupling between keys and identities thus removing the need for a key manager

Rich Set Of APIs

Integrate our rich set of APIs with your system applications and pre-integrated partner applications

Complete Audit Trail

A complete log of the entire lifecycle of your enterprise’s data

Structured / Unstructured Data Sets

Apply security and governance policies for both structured and unstructured data.

Application Authentication + User Level Authorization

Build trusted communication between intended applications and users only

Consent Based Sharing

Authorize, alter, and revoke permits such as with whom, for how long, and when to share sensitive data

Data Encrypted At Rest And In Motion

Secure sensitive and critical information while data is at rest as well as under process

Reports And Dashboards

A centralized system that allows the organization to have complete governance over data

Empowering enterprises to be in control of their data

SecurelyShare Platform enables enterprises to comply with data security regulations such as GDPR, UIDAI, and more.

No Unwarranted Disclosures

Allow only authenticated users to access the data and avoid data thefts

Time Limitations
While sharing the document set an expiry date
Purpose Limitations
Set usage permissions to the data and receive complete audit trail
Right to be Forgotten
Revoke access when the data is no longer relevant

Our Approach to Data

At the data level, DSG Vault’s innovative technology has removed the tight coupling between identities and keys so enterprises can effectively apply a governance model to their structured or unstructured data sets.


SecurelyShare Platform enables you to achieve Data Security Governance through tools developed over years of R&D with 7 USPTO granted technology patents.

Built in IRM Capabilities
(Information Rights Management)
Distributed architecture with distributed storage
Flexible deployment models – On-prem, Private / Public /Hybrid cloud
Rich set of alerts and notifications for key events
Identity brokering with existing enterprise Identity Management Software
Robust API Gateway for enterprise grade scalability
Ready to use apps: Outlook plugin, File sync, Secure Data Exchange
Support for Bring your own keys & Bring your own certificates

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