Simple, Secure and
Out-of-the-box product for digital file transfers.
FileSync is a digital file transfer solution that provides a powerful foundation for organizations to protect their sensitive files and achieve regulatory compliance. It enables the sharing of large-sized files internally & externally while providing end-to-end security at rest as well as in motion.
FileSync is an out-of-the-box product from the DSG Vault Platform family.
Drag & Drop
Easy-to-use interface, with drag and drop that integrates with user workflow.
Enforce Policies
Control file sharing by enforcing policies such as read-only/full access, expiry dates, access control etc. Sender can revoke access even after file transfer.
Track User Activity
Complete audit trail to track user activity at the file level.
Easy to Access
Easy to access relevant files through the segregation of files in “My Vault” and “Shared with me” tabs.
Seamless Authentication
Seamless authentication of recipients based on the email address.
Secure Large Files
With dynamic key encryption, FileSync can secure large files upto 1 GB in size, while at rest and in transit.

Benefits of FileSync
On-demand security and governance for file exchange internally/externally.
Customize file-sharing policies before and after sending data to recipients.
End-to-End dynamic encryption for files at rest and in motion
Proactively address security and compliance risk with complete audit trail.
Maintain the privacy of sensitive and critical data.
out-of-the-box with easy installation and keeps end-users workflow uninterrupted.
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