Selective Privacy

Deliver Security to Your Sensitive Content Using Encrypted Fonts

A first of its kind technology that allows you to selectively choose what content of the document should be visible to which recipient, in an easy, efficient and innovative manner.

Security + Convenience

Security and convenience are considered to be inversely related. The greater the security provided by a control, the less convenient it is for affected individuals.
But, no longer! SecurelyShare has always been at the forefront of innovation and the latest innovation from our stable is the ability to provide persistent security at the content level without the change in user experience.

Selective Privacy Through Encrypted Fonts

Businesses store data in different data sources like endpoints, repositories, applications which have to be shared with internal or external third-parties. These small vulnerable gaps, if not filled in, can cause massive data breaches accidentally or maliciously


In most business communications, bulk of the content is non-secretive and only small portions of the content are sensitive.


These small sections can be Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Intellectual property/ trade related data, finance or commercials related information, etc


Hence, role-based encoding of relevant data instead of the whole document is more efficient and beneficial

Selective Privacy includes delivering security to content using encoded fonts.

No dependency on Operating systems
Works on any textual file formats
User experience is not hampered


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Selective privacy currently supports MS Word and PDF file types. The roadmap ahead is big and will cover all the text-based file types that are used.
Yes, the technology is designed to support any font type for delivering security. The solution is customizable based on the needs of different organizations for using encrypted fonts.
Presently, text-based based in unstructured format is supported

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