Aadhaar Vault
DSG Vault enables secure storage, governance and retrieval of Aadhaar data and makes the organization 100% compliant as per the amended regulatory guidelines from UIDAI/ RBI. Such data can be stored and consumed in an encrypted form enforcing policies such as reference key generation, full key rotations, time limitation and purpose limitation for retrieval, and preventing unwarranted disclosures with full audit trails.
ATM Switch Data
DSG Vault enables RBI regulated entities to manage their ATM Switch ecosystem to protect the data at rest and in transit with complete audit trails as per the guidelines. A centralized authentication and authorization system can be enabled for administration of databases where critical data such as CIF and card numbers are stored and governed.
Core Database to Internal Apps
DSG Vault APIs can be integrated with internal applications that allow consent and policy-driven access to the data from the data base systems of the enterprise. Thus, ensuring the data is being utilized only for authorized purposes with privacy controls
Sensitive/Critical (PII)
DSG Vault platform can be extended to securely store, retrieve and share mission critical documents of the enterprise or any customer PII information with complete audit trails
Secure Communication
Email Communication
Integrate DSG Vault with enterprise email applications such as MS Outlook for on-demand delivery of sensitive data in a secure, trusted manner with policy controls. Recipients receive an email with a secure link to view the data by authenticating themselves. Sender, as the owner of the data, will have complete control such as the ability to change file policies dynamically.
File Sync (Large File Transfer)
DSG Vault as a platform offers File Sync, a trusted and secure client as a replacement to the existing SFTP for large file transfers. Exchange documents in batch and real-time, govern the usage through file level and user level policy management such as time limitation and purpose limitation.
Secure Data Exchange
DSG Vault enables organizations to have the same information be streamlined through a process between two different internal applications. The sharing of data between applications will be consent driven and policy controlled to ensure the data is being utilized for the authorized purposes only. Thus, sharing real-time validated information in a secured and governed manner, within internal network or with trusted partners.
DSG Vault enables integration with e-Statement engine to send automated monthly statements to millions in a secure and trusted manner. The statements are encrypted with AES 256 standard, using our patented technology algorithm. This makes it more secure than the existing, unsecure password protected PDF documents. Recipients can 100% trust the statements as the source is pre-verified, thus eliminating malware, spyware and phishing attacks.
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