Trust what you Receive.
Control what you Share.
Vault.Direct, designed specifically to enable secure and trusted communication, allows you to download, store, view, analyse and share data with confidence. Spend more time focusing on your core skills and less time bothering whether you are receiving data from verified source.

Keep control over who has a copy of your data. Set Permissions, including expiration time, to manage access to documents/data/files. Keep a trail and exert control on how your file is being used by third party. Effectively, keep your data/files secure both in transit and at rest.

Empowering consumers to be in control
of their own data
Vault.Direct is in compliance with data security regulations like GDPR, reshaping the way different industries manage
consumer data and protecting consumers from data breaches in today’s data driven world
No Unwarranted
Allow only authenticated users to access the data and avoid data thefts
While sharing the document set an expiry date
Set usage permissions to the data and receive complete audit trail
Right to be
Revoke access when the data is no longer relevant
Technology platform that
addresses the entire Data Stack

Data Delivery: Sensitive data can be delivered to millions using AES 256 encryption

Data Capture: Structured Data or Unstructured data can be captured and stored in Vault.Direct through Open Banking APIs, Vault.Direct APIs.

Data Share: Sensitive data can be shared as per different regulatory requirements like GDPR enforcing time limitation, purpose limitation, without unwarranted disclosures and with full audit trails

Data Use: Finally, data can be analyzed and used with full consent of the consumer, enabling enterprises to customize better products and offers to consumers

Our huge strides in security, validated by our 6+ USPTO granted patents