Encryption is Not Enough.
Data must be embedded with consent and policies.
DSG Vault enables you to secure, govern and share critical, sensitive, and PII related data as per company policies, consent, and government regulations. Our rich set of APIs integrate with enterprise applications such as core banking and payment systems, to separate critical data from transactional data and treat it as per the compliance requirements.

Our Approach to Data
At the data level, DSG Vault’s innovative technology has removed the tight coupling between identities and keys so enterprises can effectively apply a governance model to their structured or unstructured data sets.

DSG Vault Platform
With our patented approach to data, the DSG Vault platform offers a unified approach to data privacy, data security, & data governance. We believe that a silos treatment has resulted in data leaks, compliance violations, and privacy issues. DSG Vault embeds security, consent, and policies at the data level and helps enterprises achieve their Data Security Governance requirements.
Govern structured & unstructured data with policy enforcement, control rights, and a complete audit trail.
Comply with data regulations for Aadhaar, eKYC, PDP, GDPR, and more, by treating sensitive data with reference keys.
Save by reducing data footprint, data residency exposure, & automating data management tasks to improve operational efficiencies & reduce costs.
Earn by strengthening data reliability with ease of integration and consent management, while scaling your business.

Separate and store sensitive, critical, PII information in DSG Vault for better compliance

Data Security Governance for all
DSG Vault is versatile and can solve many use cases for various stakeholders. We address several compliance requirements, secure communication, secure data exchange, data privacy, risk management and other use cases for the following industries.
Mortgages & Lending
Loan Origination
Fund Management

Use Cases
Aadhaar Vault
Automated e-statements
(Large File Transfer)
Email Communication
Sensitive/Critical (PII)
DSG Vault is backed by 7+ USPTO Patents
Our patented technology makes DSG Vault a unique solution that combines attribute-level security with consent-based communication

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