Meet the demands of a rapidly evolving privacy landscape

Our 3-staged unique approach enables organization of any size to develop a robust privacy and governance framework

Scattered sensitive data leads to data vulnerabilities

A typical organization today uses multiple third party cloud applications on top of hundreds of internally deployed systems. PII data is dispersed across various cloud-based and on-premise applications like SaaS, databases, file systems and so on.

CPO (Chief Privacy Officer)

A Chief Privacy Officer wants to ensure that privacy laws and controls are enforced with complete data visibility.

Some of the pertinent questions of the CPO that we help address:

  • Where is the data?
  • Who has access to the data?
  • How is data being used?
  • How do I get complete visibility on PII data?
  • How do I demonstrate compliance?

CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)

CISO wants to protect the data from falling into wrong hands.

Key questions that we help address the CISO:

  • How do I secure the data?
  • How do I minimize data risk?
  • How do I share but retain control?
  • How do I monitor data access?
  • A comprehensive differentiated platform: For automating privacy while you secure your data.

    Manage your data end-to-end using SecurelyShare’s unique approach.

    Data Privacy Automation

    Discover, classify and corelate customer’s PII from various structured and unstructured data sources like Google Workspace, Office 365, PostgreSQL, NFS/SMB storages, among others

    Privacy Enabled Secure Data Sharing

    Take mitigation steps to secure and apply specific policies & access controls and protect the data from any unauthorized usage.

    SecurelyShare Platform:
    Rich set of comprehensive benefits and features


    Data Discovery

    Discover, classify and corelate customer’s PII from various structured and unstructured data sources like Google Workspace, Office 365, PostgreSQL, NFS/SMB storages, among others.

    AI Powered Remediation Guidance

    Remediation guidance inference engine with backward chaining can be used for diagnosis of the values, i.e., deriving what happened. This remediation guidance expert system helps the DPO to determine various possible sub-goals (solutions) to fix the vulnerabilities.


    Data analytics in privacy’s threat model is one where the person analyzing or querying the data is the threat. This data is provided for analytics without compromising the security.

    Mitigation Management

    Mitigation Management program is designed to assist in mitigation requirements and mandates from regulatory agencies. For instance, Aadhaar data should be stored in a separate vault with security and access controls.

    Cloud-native Architecture

    Adapt to many new possibilities offered by the cloud compared to traditional on-premises infrastructure.

    Seamless Integration

    Integration helps to boost productivity by incorporating your application with our workflows, without interrupting your current process workflow and helps in getting more done from a single place.

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    We have earned many industry awards, which exemplify our commitment to excellence!

    Recognized under NASSCOM Emerge 50 for the year 2020

    Winner of MVP 2nd stage of DSCI Cyber Security Grand Challenge

    Winner of NETAPP Excellertor
    Program 2018

    NASSCOM India Fintech 2019 in Compliance Tech Category

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