Data Vault Integration Now Available on Google Drive

Get Organized and Secure with Google Drive's New Data Vault Integration

Exciting Features of Data Vault

Dynamic Encryption

Encrypt sensitive data in seconds.

Your data gets encrypted in seconds when you upload them on Data vault servers.

Data Redaction

Automatically scan, filter & mask the sensitive information.

Mask sensitive information with our AI capabilities automatically



Preserve data integrity with custom watermarking.

Prevent data theft or unauthorized use with on-the-go custom watermarking.

Controlled Access & Permissions

Authorise need based selective access permissions to users.

Centrally control who can do what with your documents anytime.

Schedule & Recall Access

Give time-based file access and retain the power to revoke permissions anytime

Multi-Factor Authentication

Apply strict authentication with options like OTP, AD, LDAP, and SSO.

Enable flexible multi-factor authentication with OTP, AD, LDAP, and SSO options.

Intuitive Control Centre

Receive complete audit trails for easy compliance.

Bird eye dashboard

Easy Deployment Options

We offer both SaaS & On-premise solutions