SecurelyShare Data Vault

Data Exchange Made Easy and Secure. 

Secure and reliable transfer of sensitive data between different systems, employees and third-parties to safeguard data security and privacy rights and meet compliance needs.

SecurelyShare Data Vault

SecurelyShare Data Vault, built on a patented and award-winning platform, is designed for you to easily, securely and cost-effectively share data within a controlled and managed environment. You can invite employees, subsidiaries, partners, and customers to securely access data assets without having to move or transfer native data.

Uphill task for a CISO with the Downsides of traditional solutions:

Businesses across industries deal with intangible data assets like Intellectual Property, Financial data, Employee records, and so on. While the data access is intended for authorized users, current solutions like FTP/SFTP, Cloud-drives, Email systems lack authentication and thereby expose troves of sensitive data leading to unauthorized usage

These traditional solutions were never designed with security in mind and thus have a number of shortfalls

The SecurelyShare Data Vault Difference

Save cost and reduce time

You will reduce the data breach incidents and accidental leaks, thereby saving you the associated costs and time of the document life cycle. Meanwhile the security, confidentiality and integrity of the data is maintained

Achieve compliance

Granular audit trails and file activity logs, that supports compliances like ISO 27001, SOC2, PCI-DSS Alerts and notifications for any unauthorized activity, to meet compliances like GDPR

Reinforce business relationships

Improve sensitive data exchange, build trust and gain competitive advantage. Providing seamless and secure access to the data will build confidence within the business ecosystem

Secure, Share and Retain Control

Strong encryption

AES-256 standard encryption at rest and in motion, using our patented key management technology.

Role-based Access Control

Ensure data is accessed only by the rightful recipient

Enable Access Permissions

Provide Read-only or Download or Print permissions, depending on the recipient and data

File Expiry and Revoke access

Set a custom expiry or revoke the data as needed


Apply on-the-fly watermarks on the documents

Scan and Remediation

PII data scan and remediation, to maintain privacy and integrity of the data