MS Outlook 365 Add-In

Advanced Security to Emails and Attachments for MS Outlook 365

Protect emails and attachments shared via MS Outlook client and web application, with the ability to retain control even after sharing

Key Features


Encrypt both content in the email body as well as the attachments in one single click.

No Change in User Experience

A small thin client is all what is needed to apply advanced level protection on the emails and attachments.

Large Files

Easily send large-sized attachments as well, which otherwise is a constraint in MS Outlook application.


Deter users from unauthorized screenshots/ snapshots of documents, since our watermarking is embedded within the file, it cannot be taken out from the document.

Auto Privacy Enablement

Get the power of PII data privacy. Scan, discover and redact any PII data automatically while the file is in transit.


Enforce policies using which the files can be shared to internal or external parties.


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Outlook plugin works on MS Outlook 365 that includes MS outlook client application and Outlook Web Access
Yes, both emails as well as attachments are encrypted and sent
Yes, encrypted emails with policies can be shared with and seamlessly accessed by any internal or external domain emails.
Yes, document types like image files (JPEG, PNG, etc.), PDF files are supported apart from the regular MS office file types.

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