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At NetApp Excellerator’s 4th cohort SecurelyShare wins “Most Innovative Product” award.

Your best friend can also be your worst enemy.

Today, this statement can apply to technology as a whole. Take data for instance. While advances in data-driven solutions have no doubt been immensely beneficial, they’ve also left us exposed to more vulnerabilities and threats.

This is where the good guys, such as the startups in the 4th cohort of the NetApp Excellerator, come in. From Quantam-resistant cryptographic systems, to secure AI-based data extraction solutions, and smart predictive maintenance systems for Industry 4.0, the innovations from these six startups are ready to wow the world.

And the NetApp Excellerator has given them the perfect platform to do this. Since 2017, when the programme was first launched, and through three successful cohorts, the programme has been helping startups build innovative, world-class products and solutions, and make them market-ready. From tools and technologies, to know-how and mentoring, the NetApp Excellerator enables participants to leverage its ecosystem of partners, subject-matter experts, and customers and to realise the maximum potential of their innovative ideas. This year, six startups representing various sectors were selected from over 300 applicants as part of the accelerator programme.

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