Google Drive Add-On

Secure and Share your Sensitive Data from Google Drive with Advanced Controls

Provide additional advanced-level protection for the files uploaded to Google Drive with new-age security controls. Retain control even after the data is shared and unravel the power of new digital workflows

Key Features


Seamless sharing of files from Google Drive to Data Vault application and apply advanced security and access controls on the files.

Centralized Control

Enforce policies using which the files can be shared to internal or external parties.

Auto Privacy Enablement

Get the power of PII data privacy. Scan, discover and redact any PII data automatically while the file is in transit.

Achieve Compliance

Locally encrypt the data upon transfer to Data Vault and achieve the desired compliance with your data policies.

On-the-fly Watermarking

Deter users from unauthorized screenshots/ snapshots of documents, since our watermarking is embedded within the file, it cannot be taken out from the document.

Domain Whitelisting

Allow external sharing with only specific domains, thereby restricting transfer of data to untrusted domains.

Multi Factor Authentication

Flexible authentication mechanisms like OTP/ AD/ LDAP/ SAML can be applied.

Large Files

Seamlessly share large files up to 1.5 GB with more controls and audit trails.


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Yes, external communication can also be secured by providing appropriate access controls.
Yes, files and folders in bulk can be selected and uploaded to Data Vault for secure and controlled sharing.
Yes, data residency is one of the problems that is solved using our Google Drive add-on. Encrypted data can be stored locally on-premise and it will help organizations address data residency compliance.

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