Data Privacy

Meet the Demands of a Rapidly Evolving Privacy Landscape

Scan, discover and remediate PII data scattered across different applications within the organization and comply with local privacy laws.

Comply with Data Privacy Needs

A typical organization today uses multiple third-party cloud applications on top of hundreds of internally deployed systems. PII data is dispersed across various cloud-based and on-premise applications like SaaS, databases, file systems and so on.

As data privacy laws (GDPR, CCPA, PDP Bill, among other privacy bills) and their requirements are introduced, privacy management has to be seen beyond the existing data security and data management tools/products.

Some of the pertinent questions we help address on data privacy

SecurelyShare platform provides end to end flow for privacy management for PII data visibility.

PII Data Discovery and Classification

Our system comes with connectors to different data sources to fetch data into our subsystem using REGEX and OCR capabilities. The technology supports both structured and unstructured datasets. Our System allows us to dynamically create and manage classification against any PII attribute as per the regional/regulatory compliance or business process.

Centralized Reporting and Analytics

SecurelyShare provides a detailed analysis in and around any data element/attribute which is discovered, and which increases the risk exposure. Data sources that account highest number of PII data, types of PII discovered the most, among others are some of the critical insights that can be analysed. Detailed audit logs are provided, that gives granularity of the types of PII data present and accessed by the data source owner. This, along with custom alerts and notifications, leads to intelligent analysis which will help the Data Privacy Officer to understand the risks associated with the spread of the PII data.

Mitigation Management

Once a risk is identified either using an automated discovery process or by another manual/business process, we provide mitigation solutions of the identified risks. One of them is remediation of the data in the form of encryption/ redaction / masking of the identified data along with an automated notification to the data source owner to take necessary steps to limit the risk of the data.


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PII like Aadhaar, PAN, etc. as defined under India’s PDP Bill are supported.
Yes, the technology is designed to support any local privacy law across different geographies like EU’s GDPR, California’s CCPA, Brazil’s LGPD, etc.
An automated email to the data source owner can be triggered as a remediation by default. Other remediation measures like masking, redaction, anonymization, encryption can be customized based on different workflows for different organizations.

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